Best food deals in Karachi – October, 2014

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If you are looking for a festive October this year, you got some really ‘hot’ food deals in Karachi. Pick the ones you like and enjoy having fun this October.

*All deals are picked from Food Deals in Karachi ( section). So if you want to enjoy some of these festive deals, just head over to and enjoy the amazing discounts. These discounts are mostly available only for October so hurry up and catch the best one before it expires!

1 Chicken Makhni + 1 Spicy Chicken Finger + 2 Garlic Naan + 2 Soft Drinks for just Rs. 800 [47% Off] by Nawab Resturant

Everything, including the piping-hot naan, is made to order fresh, but that’s just the beginning. Nawab located at the centre of hustle and bustle of Zamzama, is a casual restaurant that serves traditional Pakistani cuisine in a cozy, friendly atmosphere.

Satisfy your hunger cravings with this exclusive deal for KarachiDeals customers. 1 Chicken Makhni + 1 Spicy Chicken Finger + 2 Garlic Naan + 2 Soft Drinks for just Rs. 800 [47% Off]

All You Can Eat Pakistani & Continental Dinner Buffet for Two for Just Rs. 1850 [35% Off] by Regent Plaza

Sunset Cruise Ride with Live Music + Dinner by Savor for Just Rs. 999 Per Person [50% off] by Savor



Educational benefits associated with Video Games – Learning for Kids

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rhyming words learning games 

Video games, in addition to their entertainment value also serve as a tool to provide some educational benefits. The educational video games are designed to teach children a specific subject like Mathematics, English and Science. Today’s student is living in the era of technology and globalization so in order to grab his attention, educational video games are considered as a viable source of learning. Therefore, it is imperative to put into lime light the benefits of such games regarding our prevailing education system.

Some of the advantages of the video games are discussed below, which would change your perception about them.

Entertainment and learning goes side by side              

Video games instantly draw attention of children and have the ability to enhance their learning experience. The new era of education, uses this type of medium due to its positive results and easy to learn approach. It helps those students who have weak skills regarding a particular subject and as it is linked with entertainment, the student does not find it boring. They learn while playing so retain much of the content that is gained through this source.

Provide assistance to learn Language

Young children can easily learn language by interacting with video games. They through answering questions, following directions and listening to the words respond quickly. Through rhyming and spelling games, they learn the basics that would definitely improve their language skills.

Motivation to learn

A well thought and designed video game can motivate students to learn new things. They embrace tough challenges with great enthusiasm and show interest even in those subjects that are considered as difficult to learn. Video games develop inclination towards learning and broaden their focus to understand the subject in its true sense. For example, kids trying to learn new words can play rhyming words games to speed up their for kids

Competitive environment

The video games include a sense of competition so the children try to win by improving their knowledge and learning from their mistakes. A student, for example who plays a game related to math subject utilizes all his energy and concentrate on scoring maximum points and adopt a optimal mindset to learn the basics. He is indirectly memorizing the rules of this subject that will improve his performance during routine studies.

Learn how to interact with each other

As every child has an interest in playing video games, hence while playing together they share it and learn to build social ties. Children follow the rules with patience, accept their defeat or share joy over victory. Moreover, they learn from their mistakes and try to overcome weaknesses.

Visuals and sounds

The visuals and sounds play a vital role in attracting the attention of children. They memorize quickly what is seen and heard. Therefore, they learn things at great pace and their overall mental ability is improved. 

Through the inception of video games in education arena, new challenges have been brought up into the mainstream. This technique can help teachers in assessing the mental capacity of students and treat them accordingly. Video games offer such benefits that are not available with other educational strategies. However, parental guidance and teacher’s assistance is always advised in order to gain desired results.           



WordPress for Android powered devices

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I am having a great day after i installed the WordPress app from Android market.

It is a powerful yet extremely simple application that gives you a mobile version of WordPress. Once the app is installed, you can add a new blog or add an existing wordpress blog. You can add self hosted wordpress blogs as well as blogs hosted by wordpress. Adding blogs is really easy and simple.

Once you have added blogs, you will see all of them on your Mobile WordPress dashboard. From there, you can access comments, pages, posts and stats for your blogs. You can also add new posts using a powerful wordpress editor. I am using a small android phone to write this post.

Its a powerful app with all the features that i may ask from a droid version.

You can add media to blog post, format text and can even add links and categories. Posts can either be published immediately or can be scheduled.

If you are a blogger, then this android app should be on your droid device.

Note: Be ready to write without a spell checker and a smaller keyboard than most of you are used to. Despite these limitations, the app is really great.

……blogged using wordpress app on android 2.2……


Delicious has a new owner

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From the email:

“Yahoo! is excited to announce that Delicious has been acquired by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. As creators of the largest online video platform, Hurley and Chen have firsthand expertise enabling millions of consumers to share their experiences with the world. Delicious will become part of their new Internet company, AVOS.”


Pirates are funny ;)

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From Page PirateBay Legal Threats

Email by Sega (Football Manager) and response to that email by

From: anakata

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 wrote:

Dear Sirs

Further to your response below, you should be aware that your misuse of the FOOTBALL MANAGER trade mark in relation to your services constitutes an infringement in the UK, irrespective of Swedish law and whether or not you are based in Sweden, not least because your â^À^Øthepiratebay.orgâ^À^Ù website is targeting users in the UK (as evidenced by the fact that a substantial number of UK users have already used your services to download this game in the UK). This gives a cause of action and jurisdiction to sue you in the UK. Our client would then proceed to enforce the UK judgement against you in Sweden.

In the circumstances, we repeat our request once more that you immediately remove the link complained of and confirm that there will be no further misuse of the FOOTBALL MANAGER trade mark in relation to your services.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully.

Willoughby & Partners
The Isis Building, 193 Marsh Wall, Thames Quay, London, E14 9SG, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)207 345 8888 Direct Fax: +44 (0)207 345 4555

IMPORTANT: The contents of this email and attachments are confidential and may be subject to legal privilege and/or protected by copyright. Copying or communicating any part of it to others is prohibited and may be unlawful. If you are not the intended recipient you must not use, copy, distribute or rely on this email and should please return it immediately or notify us by telephone. While we take every reasonable precaution to screen out computer viruses from emails, attachments to this email may contain such viruses. We cannot accept liability for loss or damage resulting from such viruses. We recommend you carry out your own virus checks.

Dear Prokaryote(s),

Please sue me in Japan instead. I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo.
Also, I’m running out of toilet paper, so please send lots of legal documents
to our ISP – preferably printed on soft paper.
No, but seriously. That’s simply not how international law enforcement
works. Using the same logic, a country where web sites are forbidden could
press charges against you for having one.


LOL – couldn’t resist. I had to clip and blog this!

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Religion scares me!

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Just because they pump you full of nonsense when you’re too young to know better doesn’t make it true


And this is just out of this world- hilarious


And, there is even more to enjoy!

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