QR Codes are Wonderfull!

In Absurd, Internet on March 24, 2011 by Asif Mumtaz

QR codes are simple 2D images that can contain any information. They are great because they reduce the amount of space that you need to display that particular information. For instance, a museum can display QR code image alongside its display board. The image can contain a map for the visitors. Image can even have information about the things that you are going to find inside that museum.

Take a look at this use of QR codes where Railway authorities have provided information about train routes within a QR code. How useful!


Wake Forest University Library even has a nice library guide displayed through QR code!


These codes are fun. I even had a Facebook display picture that was actually a QR code containing a message to my beloved! You can really play around with them at individual level. The government can do a lot with them to provide city guides or even route information. They are already famous in Japan who are displaying them even at street boards carrying information about that street (haven’t seen what information they really carry).

BTW, print media is already using them everywhere. Some magazine have restricted them only to provide more information about some of the lengtheir articles whereas some magazines are using them even for advertising their sponsor’s messages.

Spend some time on QR codes and see what you can do with them. Exploring is always a lot of fun!






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2 Responses to “QR Codes are Wonderfull!”

  1. They really are fun and easy to make with new android phones. In UK they are in use everywhere now a days mainly for advertisements and also on movie posters on bus stops just scan and watch trailer on your phone. In papers to read full length articles etc.

  2. I agree. They are really useful.

    The good thing about the QR readers is that they can be installed on any phone having a camera and one of the following at their backend/OS

    -Java phones (covers even the simplest phones with VGA cams)
    -S60 devices
    -Linux powered phones such as Motorola
    -iOS powered phones

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