QR Codes are Wonderfull!

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QR codes are simple 2D images that can contain any information. They are great because they reduce the amount of space that you need to display that particular information. For instance, a museum can display QR code image alongside its display board. The image can contain a map for the visitors. Image can even have information about the things that you are going to find inside that museum.

Take a look at this use of QR codes where Railway authorities have provided information about train routes within a QR code. How useful!


Wake Forest University Library even has a nice library guide displayed through QR code!


These codes are fun. I even had a Facebook display picture that was actually a QR code containing a message to my beloved! You can really play around with them at individual level. The government can do a lot with them to provide city guides or even route information. They are already famous in Japan who are displaying them even at street boards carrying information about that street (haven’t seen what information they really carry).

BTW, print media is already using them everywhere. Some magazine have restricted them only to provide more information about some of the lengtheir articles whereas some magazines are using them even for advertising their sponsor’s messages.

Spend some time on QR codes and see what you can do with them. Exploring is always a lot of fun!






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Novice Bloggers Can Make Enough Money to Support Their Studies by Devoting 2 Hours a Day!

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I was brain storming about my new venture when a friend called and asked if he can make money using the internet. I normally do not give an advice to those interested only in get-rich-quick schemes. Nevertheless, the guy calling, was a close friend and he was desperate to make money. When I dug deep, I realized that he was finding it difficult to carry on his studies due to financial problems.

At one stage in my life, I thought of setting up something, may be a content creation company, where I can help students make enough money. But the idea just died inside my mind as most of my ideas do.

Anyway, I looked around a little and talked to some other friends on social networks only to realize that economic problems were affecting the students more than ever. However, they do not need to give up. There is always something out there that can help!

Setting up a blog and using it to make enough money to afford tution fee is not a big deal. I will go through the basics quickly. If anyone wants to do this, catch me at skype (psasif) or engage me through comments on this post.

  • Find a niche quickly. For those who do not know what a niche is, Google it quickly and then continue reading.
  • This is how you can find niches quickly. I have made up a chart to help you out. (don’t mind my drawing- I don’t have time to photoshop details)

niche hunting


  • Quickly set-up a blog using WordPress (its free and Google just loves it).
  • Select your keywords using Google Adwords, which is free. Put your main keyword there and you will get plenty of keywords to write about. Just make sure that you are looking at the competition before selecting the keywords.
  • You are done! Just blog once a day. Devote an hour and write down a blog post every day. Spend the other hour marketing your blog. At a later stage, I will give you some quick tips to market your blog without spending a dime.

Here are some quick links to get more info about the things that I’ve barely mentioned:

– A niche hunting technique I often use.

Keyword research is easy with this tutorial here.

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Open Your Eyes

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Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes by Alex from Deviant Art

This guy is one of personal favorites. He has a brilliant mind and an artistic approach towards life.


Powerful Voice- Christina Perri

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“i love her diction and dynamics and emotion and voice! shes sooo talented”

Came from Youtube user mojojojojopoop

This is just wonderful music all around.True art!

Love the way people relate themselves to some songs…

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